Scrapbooking statement

Here is a simple tool that will help you focus on your desires and achieve them. What is this? Scrapbook!

Here’s the deal: When you see a picture of something you want, or something like that you want, say a cool house, or a car, or a thousand dollar bill, or whatever, cut out the picture and stick it in your scrapbook. Make sure to choose the images that inspire you and make you want to achieve your goal more! For example, I have a seaside mansion photo that makes me desperately want a beach mansion.

The more desire and excitement a scrapbook causes you when viewing it, the more energy you give to the creative process of expression. Sit down for a few minutes each day and go over your scrapbook, and imagine yourself as if you’ve already accessed all the things you’ve cataloged. Feel the excitement and freedom in life that you would have had if you really had these things. Get excited about it, feel good about it!

Again, we release the subconscious mind in a repetitive manner to accept what it sees as reality. Once your subconscious begins to accept and align with the images in your scrapbook, you will suddenly find your desires appearing left and right in your life. It’s fun, easy, fast, and delivers great results! Why no Create scrapbook appearances?

Finally, when you reach your goals, take the photo from your scrapbook that caused the pop and put it into a second scrapbook. Call this a scrapbook of completed wishes. The more you look back on this and realize how many of your desires are manifesting in your life, the more you believe in the process. And as your faith in the process grows, so will your manifestations appear more quickly in your life. This will create a vortex that will cause your life to start shaping itself into your desires more quickly, until you finally find yourself living the dream life you’ve always wanted. When the second scrapbook is fuller than the first, you’re done Known You create your reality moment by moment.

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