1,000 eBooks for Artist Magazine Pages

“The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in,” says Shakti Gawain. The world within oneself can easily be expressed through journaling, which is a method of engaging in self-exploration and personal expression without using the common method of chain thinking. In magazines, artists get a free medium to draw, rant, and express themselves. Through diary writing, a tantalizing view of the inner life can be gained. Over 1,000 of these journals are featured in color in the 1,000 page Artist Journal e-book.

The aim of the journals is to provide the viewer with rich visual inspiration, much like what an artist does with their painting. The Artist’s 1,000 Pages eBook is the first book to offer over 1,000 pages in a journal in an engaging visual format. This e-book is able to attract the attention of a large group of artists who would love to adopt and experiment with this medium. Diaries as a medium have become a part of popular culture in a big way and through this e-book a wide range of ideas; Techniques and topics are introduced to the budding mixed media enthusiast.

The 1,000-page artist e-book tells the user that there are a number of benefits associated with journaling. One is that it helps solve difficult problems, which are not often viewed from a third person perspective. The solution to such problems is often not obvious when viewed in the first person. Similarly, clarity of thought can also be obtained through journal writing. It helps in determining the appropriate course of action to take, given that there are several options. Apart from this, one can also make use of journals to track the progress of a few years ago. If one is not satisfied with the current state of life, it may be helpful to re-read what was written a few years ago. This can serve as a catalyst for the future.

Experienced journal makers feel that there is a great deal of power in the written word, which helps give an outlet for pent-up emotions. However, they also sometimes feel that words fail to describe a specific situation or how one feels. In such situations, journal makers use drawing or making a collage to represent their feelings, which may not be adequately described through analytical writing. The e-book presents an intriguing world of descriptive fiction, as experienced by individual artists. This means that the e-book will be useful not only for budding artists, but also for people with creative minds.

Offering 1,000 pages of color illustrations makes the e-book attractive to its audience, just like the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words.” Today, with the advent of modern printing technology, it has been realized that colored literature or words are more attractive than black and white. For example, color newspapers reach more readers than black and white newspapers. Apart from all of the above, 1000 Pages Artist Journal eBooks are very portable, as they can be downloaded onto any eBook reader.

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