Rain Prayer - Manifestation Technique

Keeping a rain journal is one of my favorite looks techniques, mainly because it works. I have turned up many great things in my life this way, including the apartment I currently live in, the various jobs I have held, and even my own successful website! People using this technique have actually noticed results within hours, and you’ll be hooked once you try it because it’s so effective (not to mention fun!).

The rain prayer is a technique whereby you write in your diary on a daily basis as if everything you want to create in your life has already been accomplished. You don’t write from the point of view of wanting something to happen, you write as if it has already materialized and is already there or part of your life. This speeds up the process of manifestation because the Law of Attraction ensures that whatever we focus on regularly is what will manifest in our lives.

To get started, take a blank journal (or sheet of paper) and write a page in your journal every day as if your dream has already come true. Whatever you would like to create (soulmate relationship, weight loss, career success, financial freedom, etc.), write in your journal as if that something has already been achieved for you.

For example, if you want to get married, write a page a day as if you are already married to your amazing wife and living the life of your dreams. Be sure to describe your spouse and the relationship in detail. Do you have children together? What type of house do you live in? If your ambition is to own your own company one day, write a page a day as if you were already the owner of your own successful business and describe it in detail. What are your annual earnings? Do you have a physical office space to work from, or do you work from home? You got the idea. Make sure to include as many details as possible!

Here comes the magic: by the time you finish your journal, your dream will either have already manifested itself or will be on its way to doing so!

The term “prayer rain” comes from a story about a community that was suffering from a severe drought and was in dire need of rain. A visitor to the community learned of this condition and offered to perform a rain dance in order to summon much needed rain. However, when he came out and did the rain dance, everyone was baffled because it looked like he was just standing there and not moving, instead of dancing and cheering for the rain like they had expected. When they asked him what he was doing, he replied, “I used to pray for rain”… instead of praying for rain. Can you see the difference?

Instead of dancing and doing the traditional rain dance, the man just stood there and felt what it would be like if this community actually received all the rain it needed. Use his imagination and focus on what it would feel like if raindrops were falling on his forehead and arms, and he felt his clothes soaked with water, imagine what it would be like if all the crops were well fed and plentiful, and the perception of society as a whole had plenty of water to drink. Instead of praying for rain and it coming from a place of scarcity, he prayed for rain as if the rain that the community needed had become a reality!

This is exactly what we must all do to make things happen in our lives: Now feel the feelings of actually having what you wish to create in your life. The powerful Law of Attraction ensures that if we now feel how we will feel once that particular object or situation comes into our lives, that object or situation will have no choice but to manifest! Remember, like attracts like, period.

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