Have you ever come across someone who is not reliable and not honest? Have you ever talked to someone and later found out that everything he or she said wasn’t true? Have you ever wondered why some people make up stories or lie about the smallest things? You tend to ask yourself, how can they say such untrue things without blinking and why aren’t they guilty at all?

But here are the hard questions. Do you often find yourself lying or making up stories? Do you find yourself saying insincere things? Do you find yourself struggling with the pressure to keep your lies?

Then you are probably one of the people who suffers from compulsive lying or pathological lying.

Here are some tips on how to kick this destructive habit:

1. Examine your reasons. People lie for many reasons. It is natural for people to want to bend the truth sometimes to improve their circumstances or avoid the consequences. However, sometimes, lying becomes a habit. If so, the first thing you need to be aware of is what triggers you to lie.

Compulsive lying is a problem with lying even without any rational justification. You just feel the need to say something insincere. Even when confronted, some people continue to lie. It was almost as if they also believed their own lies.

For some people, hiding the truth is a safety net because they are afraid of people knowing their true personalities; Therefore, the reason for lying is a negative image or a negative perspective of one’s own personality.

However, in some, the lying is the result of a psychological disorder such as ADHD or bipolar disorder. In such cases, you will need to seek treatment for your underlying disorder before the lying goes away.

2. Change your thoughts to change your behavior. Compulsive lying is a behavioral problem. Since behavior only responds to thoughts, you need to change the way you think to change your behavior. You need to get rid of the behavioral urge to lie, for this you need to change your brain programming.

3. Subliminal messages to be more honest.You can also try listening to subliminal MP3s or watching subliminal videos that were created specifically to help people become more honest. All you have to do is play MP3 or video regularly; They will make automatic changes so deep in your mind that you will not even be aware of the change. You will simply find yourself free from the compulsive need to lie and explode with the desire to say only the truthful things.

Once you become more honest, your relationship with friends and family will improve. You will also be more confident in the way you treat others because you know that your lying will no longer destroy relationships. It will also take the pressure off of going along with your lies. As people’s respect for you and their trust in you improve, so will your self-perception.

Here are some examples of subliminal messages that can make you more honest:

I am an honest person by nature.
The truth comes to me naturally.
I always tell the truth.
I am open and honest.
Telling the truth leaves feeling good.
People trust me to tell the truth.

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