3D Vision Board: Enhance your 3D desires

A vision board is a good way to assist your targets with images, words, and symbols that activate the mental energy of expression, ranging from the physical to the immaterial. The color of the plate also matters. A lot of vision boards are created on white paper. I find the work of Kathryn Ponder that included the meanings of the colors behind the images to be powerful.


Gold and/or green financing.

Yellow for spirituality.

White for understanding.

Blue for intellectual achievements.

Orange and/or light yellow for health.

Pink, pink and/or bright red for love.

When the color energy of a painting has meaning, anytime you see that color it activates your memory associated with the goals and objectives represented in the given images.

You can increase the power of your intentions with an energy system, created to balance life and display, like a movie projector, that imagery so that the “look and feel” as you move, work, and live within your home is amplified.

Feng shui, the art of placement, assigns a purpose to different areas of a space in relation to the entrance. The images on a vision board, placed in a niche where you work, write, etc. can be multiplied with other similar images placed in corresponding energy areas around your home. You can either place the Bagua on top of a home floor plan or apply it to every living space within it.

The colors used in feng shui do not necessarily match the colors suggested for the vision board. Mix them up so that both active intentions are included.

· Knowledge / Meditation / Blue Mountain

Family / Ancestors / Green Thunder

Wealth / Purple Wind

Fame / fiery-red

Partnership / Earth – Pink

Children / Creativity – White

Helping people / heaven – gray

Career – black

Include what makes you unique. Items do not have to be Chinese. If you are one

American, use American coins. If you like a fragrance that reminds you of what you want to achieve, use it. If the sound of water triggers fond memories you associate with what you want to achieve, include a fountain or two.

In my article on Feng shui You have given an example of the intention to find a soul mate by placing similar images in areas of Heaven in all rooms throughout your home. Place a similar image on the vision board. You can also use color in that area if it’s exposed, so only you know what it’s for. As you remember colors and associations, intentions will trigger when you see them in your field of vision. He will reach a place where words or phrases will not matter, but the feeling of the thought will not only wash over you, but will completely saturate you through the senses.

This behavior will continue outside your home. The number of media bits you receive per day is in the millions. The Retinal Activation System, or RAS, lets in only a small fraction of the sensory data from the millions of bits that surround you every day. It all depends on the subconscious. Experiences recorded early in life will determine the effectiveness of conscious programming. The RAS filters out what is programmed into your subconscious tapes. If you think you don’t deserve to create wealth, all the images and colors you use to animate the look may not work. Your subconscious mind is always saying “yes” to your beliefs. As part of this work, check to see what beliefs you have that may support or resist your efforts. The following methods have been used to change the subconscious mind:


Theta healing

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

· contemplation

Psychic K

Guided visualization


Accuracy confirmation

Brain State Technology (BST), f

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Now you are walking. cleaning; dance. Eating food; you speak; reading; writing; Sit in silence, or be entertained in your own 3D space equipped with visual, auditory, and aromatic cues.

Your programming will not be limited to the time you use to look at a vision board. Programming will further strengthen you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and more frequently over a 24-hour course.

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