This super lie about vision boards and how to discover the true path to good and happy days

When it comes to power techniques, no matter what other people say, nothing, forbidding nothing, succeeds like a divine blessing of creative imagination…if done right. One absolutely valid way to activate your creative perception is to use what are commonly known as Vision Boards, sometimes called Mind Power Prompts.

A Vision Board / Mind Power Prompt / Treasure map = An ancient magical visual display that automatically maps the physical reality of an image to the observers’ physical presence.

It is strength. However, many claim that it is ineffective. Why? For modern critics have virtually lost the plot of the story and admonish structures that function so ineptly that the power of the mind-force waver diminishes in multiples. So what lies are they telling you accepting this job to completely pollute the system?

A mental power prompt should be a collection of images of whatever you want

2 lie here! Please focus on one goal at a time for seven days. And accept your project (keep it nice and simple) and only use one strong, well-chosen photo.

The vision board must consist of exact mirror images

What a lie! This is unnecessary and sometimes completely impossible. It is the essence and intent of your desire that is important.

Treasure map pictures should make you feel good

Simple lie! In fact, your emotions cloud your thoughts, so if you don’t feel good about your images at first, your constant thoughts will ensure that you do.

Stick your photos firmly on your vision board

Big lie! Forget the painting part, pictures are simulations of the things you crave to have in your life. Now – not next year. So why not move them around your life now?

Mind Power Directors are goal setting devices

liar! Mind Power Guide is sympathetic magic in its purest and highest form. What you install you get automatically.

Vision boards are self-analysis tools

Damn lie! The mind power wave is a purely visualization and focus trick. Any self-analysis that arises automatically is a happy side effect.

The treasure map must contain multiple images

Covered lie already.

The vision board should have affirmations and annotations

A very common lie! Affirmations and words simply don’t work. The power of the mind Humans flourished in abundance for thousands of years before language was formed.

Hang your vision board where you can see it daily

Misunderstood lie! This requires a measured and measured energy input. Tons of it!

Use the Vision Board software

Maybe a lie! I would create a Windows wallpaper just as easy to do the same thing. One picture, do you remember? One really cool idea is to make your own Mind Power Prompt screensaver, with or without sound. There are free programs all over the web that will do this for you.

Use mind movies

Maybe a lie! Aside from showing images too quickly to be enthusiastically digested, almost all of the brainpower movies we’ve seen break all the rules of this article. The accompanying soundtrack that you can dance to. Why don’t you make your own? You can find free slideshow software all over the net and our site has all of them just for asking.

Develop positive feelings

Positively Poppy! If you follow all of the above suggestions, you can’t help but feel positive. In fact you will feel super positive.

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