Top 10 Benefits of Journals

There are countless reasons to keep a journal. The ten benefits of journaling may vary from person to person. However, there seem to be attractive general themes in the collective unconscious. Many people look to journal entries of their personal experiences to reap some of the following rewards.

Keeping a journal is a natural way to exercise the brain. People who make regular posts take time to develop writing and communication skills that are so valuable in everyday interactions. This mental exercise also helps to allow your thoughts to flow freely.

Creativity is a second benefit to consider. This is an important aspect of journaling. The right hemisphere of the brain is associated with the visual, imaginative, and intuitive aspects of thought. When you take the time to write, you free up the right hemisphere. The ideal entry would be the one that puts the internal editor on hold. Thoughts and ideas should flow freely and naturally.

The uninhibited nature of this type of writing serves a third benefit for developing self-awareness. People often make different faces to meet different circumstances. We tend to re-create in privileged situations including the work environment, society, and even when we are at home.

Keeping a journal helps you learn about the different aspects of your unique personality. Increased self-awareness is a powerful force that can lead to even greater benefits in the future. Gaining insight into oneself is among the most important aspects of journal keeping.

The fourth benefit is the ability to prioritize. Once you understand the thoughts and emotions filtered through your personal experience, you begin to take control of them. The process ultimately leads to a greater understanding of what is important and what is not.

Being able to re-see the past is another great benefit of keeping a journal. Pages can be revisited from a new perspective. It can be very surprising how much your understanding of an event has changed over a relatively short period of time. Some writers find wonderful moments of epiphany when rethinking and re-reading entries.

The diary is a great problem-solving resource. The approach to using entries to come up with different solutions to problems is a little different than the methods of self-awareness and growth. Many people choose temporary brainstorming techniques that provide workable solutions to problems.

The seventh benefit of journaling is variety. You can choose the type of entries you want to make. Common options include brainstorming sessions, auto-writing, and reflective notes. Personal journal entries can be made on inspiration, when you first wake up or just before you go to sleep. Some choose to do a combination of these.

Cleansing is the eighth benefit of this practice. Many people find it helpful to put negative thoughts and feelings down on paper. Once the negative energy is placed on the page, they are free to let it go. This practice also works well when dealing with anger towards another person. Purge negativity and work on a constructive approach.

Being able to communicate with others is another benefit of keeping a journal. Those who work with life coaches can find a wealth of resources for the sessions. Journaling can help you tap into your fears and dreams, helping your coach gain insight through the entries you choose to share.

The tenth benefit is improving your general health. Journaling reduces stress. It gives you time to meditate. This process helps bring out the positive forces in your life and helps shed light on the harmful ones. The result of personal journaling is a new perspective on how you can control many aspects of your life.

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