How a vision board can help with grief recovery - 5 ways to process grief

Grief is a personal thing and it doesn’t matter what you’re grieving about, it could be the loss of a spouse, relationship, pet, parent, child, retirement, moving, or financial and health issues; No matter what it is, recovering from grief is a personal journey with many questions.

Grief recovery is the journey we take from the devastating effects of grief, you know your life has been affected by loss and many times you don’t know what to do to heal yourself and deal with the emotions you are going through. Grief is a natural and natural reaction to loss. And you want to make sure that you don’t put off your work to recover from grief, because that can be dangerous. Unresolved grief is the cause of a lot of upset and can tend to create feelings of not being in the moment and dealing with grief when feelings arise. Recovery from grief and/or loss is achieved through a series of small, specific choices that the grieving person makes.

There are five things that are very helpful to someone facing their grief for recovery, and they can all be done and used on a regular basis; Or you can choose what sounds best to you:

Grief recovery support group
Vision map video
Books, poems, affirmations
Guidance pictures

Grief is simply defined as the normal, natural reaction to a major emotional loss of any kind. It is natural and normal, but many of the ideas we have been taught about dealing with grief do not seem to help us cope with pain and suffering. Although grief is an emotional reaction to loss, the information we are given about coping with loss appears to be intellectual; Which explains the fact that feelings about grief are as diverse as people and personalities.

Vision Boards, which can also be called Vision Maps, are a great tool to use as a visualization tool to map out how you want your “new” life to look like. There are now vision map videos, which can be viewed on a daily basis and can be more private than a vision board that exists for all to see. They can be viewed in private on a computer, blackberry, palm device and any of the other electrical devices out there.

An important part of grief recovery are support groups; This is where you can find help and healing with others who are in the same situation of dealing with a loss. The groups support the journey of renewal after loss and provide the opportunity to meet others to begin to understand the grief; To rebuild life and help the grieving person move from pain to recovery.

While there is no wrong or right way to grieve, support groups offer comfort so that you can deal with grief on your own and help individuals learn how to deal with and live with their loss and trauma, to move on with their lives.

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